Does St. Petersburg have an international airport?

Yes, the international Pulkovo Airport (IATA:LED, ICAO: ULLI) is located 20 km south of central St. Petersburg. It serves many international and domestic destinations, and is a hub for Rossiya Airlines, S7 Airlines, and Ural Airlines, and a focus city for Nordavia.

Data from 2018 show that well over 18 million passengers passed through this airport in that year, making Pulkovo one of the busiest airports in Eastern Europe. Within Russia, only three airports – all serving Moscow – had more traffic.

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Is there WiFi for travellers at St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport?

Yes, there is unlimited WiFi for travellers at the airport.

Are there any businesses lounges?

Yes, there are. They are free for travellers with a business class or first class ticket, but any passenger can enter for a fee. The lounges include showers, televisions, and snacks.

Is there any hotel at the St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport?

Yes, there is a capsule hotel at the airport.

Is there any ATM at the airport?

Yes, there is one ATM from VTB24 on the first floor, and three other ones on the third floor, operated by Bank Saint Petersburg, Sberbank of Russia, and Raiffeisenbank, respectively.

Getting from the airport to the city

Can I take public transportation from the airport into to central St. Petersburg?

Yes, through a combination of bus and metro or train. Always check up on the timetable in advance, because the public transport do not run around the clock.

  • Shuttle buses (numbers 39, 39Ex) and minibus K39 run between the airport and the Moskovskaya (Московская) metro station. The trip takes around 35 minutes. From the metro station, catch the metro line 2 (blue line) into the city centre.
  • During the night, when the metro is closed, there is a night bus from the metro station to the city centre.
  • Minibus K39 runs between the airport and the airport commuter rail station. (Walking from the airport to the commuter rail station takes around 20 minutes.) At the train station, take the commuter train to St. Petersburg’s Baltiysky Station. This station is next to the Baltiyskaya metro station, so you can utilize the metro network if you need to continue your journey.

Is Uber available in St. Petersburg?

Yes, you can take an Uber from the airport to the city centre.

How do I get a taxi at the airport?

  • When you are at the airport, you can order a taxi from the service booth in the arrival hall. The price to the city centre is fixed.
  • You can ask your hotel to pre-book a taxi for you.
  • You can pre-book yourself without having to give out credit card info at, or If you have a Russian phone number, you can also use (there is a mobile app) to book a taxi.

If traffic is good, expect the journey from the airport to the city centre to take half an hour or so. During rush hour, it can take 60 minutes or more.

Warning: There are a lot of taxi scammers hanging around by the airport looking for prey. They operate various scams, e.g. by using meters set to charge a crazily high price for the trip.